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"I already have a web site. Why do I need an ad on your site?"

Next to beaches, dining is the second most popular activity among people coming to the Sarasota area for vacation. Fully one-third of the thousands of people a week visiting the various group of web sites have already made reservations and are looking for more information on planning their trip to the sun coast. If your business is not available online you will have to wait until your potential customer arrives in Sarasota and then try the much more expensive traditional print or broadcast advertising in hopes of reaching them. By reaching out to your customers before they get to the Gulf coast, you have a much better chance of them knowing about your restaurant before they get here.

Having a web site of your own isn't the end of the story. You need to get links to your web site in order to get search engine traffic and visitors. Your ad on with a link to your site will help drive more traffic and customers to your business. If a web page is never linked to in any other page, search engine spiders cannot find it. Have you searched for your restaurant name online? Chances are your page on / is already listed. Search one of the major search engines like  Google or Yahoo! (Be sure to add Sarasota to your search in case there's another restaurant by the same name.)

"Search engine databases are selected and built by computer robot programs called spiders. Although it is said they "crawl" the web in their hunt for pages to include, in truth they stay in one place. They find the pages for potential inclusion by following the links in the pages they already have in their database (i.e., already "know about"). They cannot think or type a URL or use judgment to "decide" to go look something up and see what's on the web about it. (Computers are getting more sophisticated all the time, but they are still brainless.)"1

Did you think about the location of your restaurant before your opened? Do businesses with greater visibility attract customers? Just as location is important in business, it's equally or even more important online. is already in the major search engines and is routinely crawled by them looking for links. sites are constantly top ranked by major search engines for many of the keywords or phrases your potential customers and visitors to Sarasota/Manatee are using.

Several advertising options are available on From a basic listing upgrade linking your existing free listing to your own web site and moving your restaurant above others in your categories to a rotating or fixed position ad that appears on every page of

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1 University of Southern California - "Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial"
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